Contact Your Senators to Support Commonsense Regulatory Relief

Momentum is building in Congress for commonsense regulatory relief legislation, and we need your help to turn that momentum into action.

As you know, the House of Representatives passed a sweeping relief bill -- the Financial CHOICE Act -- in June. It’s now the Senate’s turn to act to ensure much-needed reform makes it to the president’s desk for enactment.

We will lose this momentum if bankers do not get actively involved in advocating for reforms. We need bankers to contact their Senators and strongly urge them to support financial regulatory relief legislation that will promote economic growth.

Contact your Senators by entering your contact information, which will automatically connect you to your Senators. Once you have contacted your Senators, please share this action alert with your colleagues in the bank. It is critical that everyone in the banking industry engages in this advocacy effort.

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Suggested talking points (feel free to add detail about your own experiences):

My name is ________ from _______ Bank in _______ city and I am calling to express my opposition to any effort to remove the Durbin repeal provision from the CHOICE Act.

The Durbin interchange amendment was a last-minute addition to the Dodd-Frank Act, and enacted without any study or debate. The results have been increased profits to big box retailers and reduced access to banking services, especially low-cost checking accounts, for consumers.

Please support repeal of the Durbin Amendment and vote against any efforts to remove this language from the Financial CHOICE Act.