Contact Your Senators to Support Commonsense Regulatory Relief

America's banks have long struggled to keep up with ever-increasing regulatory compliance and examiner demands. With the enactment of thousands of pages of Dodd-Frank Act rules, the problem is more acute than ever. 

ABA believes that policymakers must move away from one-size-fits-all regulation to tailored regulation that corresponds to a bank’s charter, business model, geography and risk profile. This policymaking approach avoids the negative economic consequences of burdensome, unsuitable and inefficient bank regulation. 

To encourage action by the 115th Congress, ABA is asking bankers to urge their lawmakers to support regulatory relief legislation for America's banks - and the customers, clients and communities they serve. 

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Suggested talking points (feel free to add detail about your own experiences):

My name is ________ from _______ Bank in _______ city and I am calling to express my opposition to any effort to remove the Durbin repeal provision from the CHOICE Act.

The Durbin interchange amendment was a last-minute addition to the Dodd-Frank Act, and enacted without any study or debate. The results have been increased profits to big box retailers and reduced access to banking services, especially low-cost checking accounts, for consumers.

Please support repeal of the Durbin Amendment and vote against any efforts to remove this language from the Financial CHOICE Act.