Thank Your House Member for Passing Bipartisan Regulatory Reform (S. 2155)

Your messages and calls were successful! The House has passed, by a vote of 258-159, S. 2155, the financial regulatory reform legislation that alleviates some of the ill-fitting and unnecessary regulatory burdens that have made it harder for banks to serve their communities and customers. This bill, which has been signed into law by President Trump, is a step toward right-sizing regulations. We applaud those representatives who voted "yes" on S. 2155 and encourage bankers to thank them for joining in this commonsense, bipartisan solution.

Thank your representative for voting "yes" on S. 2155 and supporting your community and your customers.

If your representative did not vote in favor of S. 2155, you will have the opportunity to send a letter expressing disappointment with his/her vote.

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